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1 World Wide handling capability with our extensive Global Network of reliable and professional agencies.
2 Financially sound and responsible. Prompt in paying our Overseas Partners and agents, Carriers and Vendors, we enjoy a very high reputation with them and we expect our partners to do likewise.
3 The management team consists of professionals who have extensive exposure and experience in the freight forwarding industry capable of providing innovative solutions; from handling service issue whether it is customers, carriers, nature of cargo or tight deadline and schedule to but not limited to delivery to very remote destinations and others.
4 We enjoy fixed Air and Sea freight space allotments with the Carrier and are able to move freight at short notice but ideally at least 48 to 72 hours advance notice.
5 Our fully integrated Logistics operations and Management software (similar to ERP systems) allows us to be more efficient and cost effective in our daily operations; such as shorter lead time in closing an air consolidation consisting of multiple HAWBs.
6 We tailor our service packages to meet our customers’ requirements; be they end-users, overseas partners or direct customers. We are dedicated, responsible, and responsive and provide personalised quality services at low costs.
7 We are linked electronically to the Customs, Airport and Port Authorities of Singapore and thus can expedite any customs clearance jobs to its shortest possible time.
8 We have experienced and well trained staffs who have solid and thorough training, experience and exposure in handling Hazardous Cargo (DGR), Perishables, Live animals as well as odd-size/out-of-gauge cargoes and whenever applicable and necessary, in accordance to the high standard of IATA regulations.
9 We can enter into an agency agreement that will allow both parties to commit resources and management time to work in tandem on developing business between both our companies on a mutually beneficial basis.

Regular handling of aircraft engine and spares (AOG) to and from worldwide destinations/origins.
Airfreighting 2 pieces of 8 metres long Gensets weighing 3,800 kg as well as Helicopters from Singapore to Seoul, Korea.
Handling about 200 m3 of urgent ship spares from Airport for loading onto small barges for delivery to a ship waiting at the outer road outside the port area (Off Port Limit)
Handling a project shipment of about 110 tons of Airfreight from Europe to Singapore for final destination Tarakan in Kalimantan Island by barges.
Charter vessel of about 1,000 tons of Oil and Gas utilization project cargo from Port Klang and Singapore to Vung Tau, Vietnam.
Handling of 3 large survey boats of 1,500 m3 from Bangladesh to Singapore via Braakbulk vessel and discharged at Off Port Limit onto a barge to Singapore.
A sea to air consignement of 1 x 20‘ GP was up in the air within 12 hours of vessel’s arrival at the Singapore Port.
Dismantling & removal of machines of entire production lines from Singapore to Overseas facilities.
Handling Excavators and 2 Wheel Loaders to Africa via Dubai on Conventional Vessels.